If Home Alone’s McAllisters Had Better Security

Home Alone, 20th Century Fox.

Home Alone is an iconic film released in 1990 which catapulted Macaulay Culkin to stardom. The young Kevin McCallister is ‘accidentally’ abandoned with the hapless burglars (Wet Bandits Harry & Marv) targeting their home.

We look at how this fictional scenario could have been different and how Charles Knight Security could help to improve your home security.

In their haste to leave for their flight, the McCallisters disregard their security and leave doors unlocked.
Install external lighting that illuminate on movement. Lighting is extremely important in beating the burglars – we install security lights that can be integrated with an alarm system and can alarm when triggered. Most burglar alarm have a chime and we would advocate enabling this as it alerts you when the door opens.

A Hikvision WIFI doorbell is a great addition to your home security. This camera can detect movement and capture footage of anyone approaching your property. With two-way communication you can also record audio and speak to whomever is at the door when you are away. Harry and Marv would have been thwarted at the outset as this would capture their faces and you can communicate with them even when abroad.

Charles Knight Security can supply and install WIFI connected switches and plugs to allow you to control devices such as lamps, TVS, radios. You can now simulate property occupation by turning on devices at random times or in addition to programmed activations. The burglars were aware of what times the lights were programmed to come on and so this can randomise and make less predictable.

CCTV installation would have been a useful deterrent for Harry and Marv and most burglars would be put off with the cameras. Our CCTV systems come with remote viewing capabilities and set up on your IOS or Android devices as standard. This gives you the ability to remotely dial into your system at any time. In addition, the system has advanced functionality and can send notification to your connected devices if a certain camera detects movement.

Having a burglar alarm is another way you can reduce your chance of a break-in. Our standard burglar alarm allows you to be in control – you can monitor your alarm and be notified of all events or just specific triggers. We can add additional devices to sheds, garages and outbuildings to give you additional peace of mind.
You can program the alarm to notify you if there is no activity from a sensor by a certain time, e.g no movement in the kitchen by 10:00. This function would be useful for carers or for keeping an eye on an elderly relative.

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