You come home to find that your property has been burgled. It’s a sickening feeling.  Thoughts of them invading your privacy, rifling through your personal belongings, disturbing your loved ones memories and causing untold damage in the process cascades through your mind. 

At Charles Knight Security, we understand that the toll of burglary is not solely the material. If you have been the unfortunate victim of burglary here are 5 steps we recommend in the immediate aftermath.

1. Alert others including the police of the break in.

 On discovering a burglary you should firstly notify the police. If you are alone you should avoid going into the property to investigate alone. Call a friend, family or neighbour for assistance. You should avoid touching anything in the property as this could impair efforts to gather evidence.

2. Compile a list of items stolen or damaged.

Work with the police where possible or with a friend, neighbour or relative to establish that the intruder has gone and determine what has been stolen or damaged during the break in. If you have receipts and pictures of the items, this will help for any insurance claims. 

You will need a Crime Reference number from the police for any insurance claims. Take pictures of any ransacked drawers and the scene in general. Take as many pictures as possible before cleaning up.

3. Secure the property ensuring all windows and doors have not been compromised.

Take steps to re-secure your property ensuring that point of entry has been secured. 

Check all windows for any damage or unlocked windows. Check to ensure that all keys are accounted for and where possible have the locks replaced.

If you didn’t have window locks you can obtain window locks at very affordable prices and this can immediately improve your security and provide some much needed reassurance.

4. File a report with your insurance company.

If you have insurance, you will need to report this break in to as soon as possible. Make sure to provide:

  • List of all damaged items with any replacement costs (keep receipts too). Some pictures of damage caused can be really useful here!
  • A detailed list of all items stolen with any proof of purchase along with serial numbers.
  • Any alarm or CCTV specification from your security company.

5. Upgrade your existing security

The best thing you can do is to improve your existing security set up. This need not cost a fortune.  We recommend that you have locks fitted to all windows and that these are used to at all times. The harder it is for a burglar to escape, the more chance you have of them leaving forensic evidence behind.

Low Cost

  • Window Locks
  • Window Stickers
  • External Bell Box
  • CCTV Signage

Moderate Cost 

  • WIFI Doorbell Camera
  • Security Lights

High Costs

  • Intruder Alarm
  • CCTV System

Highlight the fact that you have security and utilise window stickers, external bell boxes, CCTV protection signage. Having a smart alarm system is a good option as you can get notification for any activation. If a burglar was to trigger an alarm and there is an audible sounder, the burglar will spend less time ransacking your property and has no certainty that your alarm is not monitored.

Charles Knight Security supplies and installs insurance approved grade two security systems that you can monitor from afar and receive instant notification of any change in alarm state. 

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