Neglected, old defective bell box? Replace that bell box and immediately improve your security.

A burglar alarm is an invaluable tool in the fight against burglars and protecting your property. Burglars will target properties with little or no security provisions over a property with obvious security measures in place. A replacement bell box is a great starting place for improving your security.

One of the best deterrent available is the trusted external sounder (https://charlesknightsecurity.co.uk/product/wired-bell-box/bell box ), the old guard who stands guard whilst exposed to the elements daily. A properly maintained bell box will signify to a would be burglar that your property is secured, they don’t know if the system is monitored and so remain less likely to chance it.

There are plenty of properties with bell boxes which clearly are not being maintained and is the first sign that the system may not be working.

Charles Knight Security can provide a comprehensive service of your alarm system and provide a replacement bell box for that tired old rusty one.

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  • Mr huggins

    My old bell box cover is broken and I need to replace it do you know where I maybe able to buy a new one?

    • Charles Knight Security

      Hi Mr Huggins,

      We can replace your bell box for you – fully installed for £99.00.

      Give us a call or a message to discuss further.

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