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Get Charles Knight Secured with our great value annual maintenance contract.

Have you ever experienced a fault with your alarm and having to wait for hours, days and even weeks for an engineer? Were you frustrated when they came out and repaired it within a few clicks but left you a bill that would justify a repair on CERN’s Hadron Collider?

We know how painful this can be! A lot of our clients call us after experiences like this. Many customers simply can’t express their relief when they see just how cost effective our maintenance contracts are.

Our maintenance packages start from as little as £126 per year.

We bring a sincere peace of mind to all of our customers that place their trust in us to genuinely take care of their security systems. Our figures speak for themselves… 98% of our maintenance contract clients say they would recommend us to other businesses, friends & family!

System Inspections

We complete full inspections of your security systems, providing you with a detailed analysis of potential faults in a comprehensive report.

Transparent Pricing

We bring a transparent pricing system to the table so that you are fully aware of just how much “bang for your buck” you are receiving.

Multiple Options

With multiple options in our maintenance contracts we cover every aspect of your security, ensuring we can always come to an agreement.

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