Counting The Cost Of Burglaries

The effects of burglary leave a heavy financial and emotional cost in most cases.  Burglars don’t just rob you of  your possession, but your love for your property and items of sentimental values are also taken.

The average cost of burglary to affected homeowners is a hefty £2543, as stated by the Office for National Statistics.

Added to the above costs, victims can incur costs for criminal damage (£510+) and the emotional turmoil left behind for their victims. Effective crime reduction measures is the best way of restoring some peace of mind.

Whilst we cannot prevent burglaries, we can at least create a deterrent for the opportunist burglar. Many burglaries are committed by the same perpetrators and having effective CCTV system can help to bring said culprits to justice.

At Charles Knight Security, we offer bespoke security solutions at extremely competitive prices. Why not call us today 08006101098 for a site survey.

  • Invest in a high quality CCTV system to act as a deterrent and for use in evidence in the event of a break in.
  • Improve outdoor lighting to limit the cover of darkness in which thieves can operate with little visibility. Talk to us about our range of security lighting solutions.
  • Install an insurance approved grade system to better protect your property whilst away from home. We can supply and install a security system you can monitor from your mobile.






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