Making Your CCTV Work For You

Advice from the police is to have CCTV installed ‘at eye level’ for home and business. They go on to add that more cameras are needed at head height to help catch burglars. Many people opt to have their CCTV mounted high – to keep out of reach of vandalism and importantly, to get an overview of the event. This however, does not provide the best evidence in the event of a crime.
The recommendation is to have the cameras mounted at head height outside homes and business. The best approach would be to have two cameras – one placed about 2.4 metres (8ft) to capture faces and a second one placed higher up about 16.4 metres (5ft) to get the overall activity.


If using only one camera, it is recommend installing this at around the 2.4metres. Cameras placed too high results in images of the tops of their head, which is not very helpful for facial recognition. The most important features to be captured includes the eyes and configuration of the facial area including the nose and mouth.

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