Intruder Alarm

Your Home Security in Hand 

Get an alarm system that is with you at all times. With the Texecom alarm system you get mobile push notification for alarm events. With this in your palms, you are in control and there's no monitoring fees. 

Design & Development

Choose a wired or wireless system and have us upgrade your security and bring peace of mind.

We will survey the points of entry and advise the most suitable configuration for your home security . 

Check & Demonstration

Once we have completed the installation we demonstrate how to use the system and explain how the various functions work. Where applicable we will set up on mobile devices for you.

Getting To Know Your Intruder Alarm Components 

Control Panel

The control panel is the heart of your alarm system. Each device connected to your alarm system will interface with the panel. Your control panel can be hidden out of site reducing the chance of a burglar tampering or disabling in a hurry.


The Passive Infrared Sensor (Motion Detector) 

These devices guard your rooms and measure the infrared light radiating from an object in it's field of view . 

Door Contact

A surface contact (reed switch) detects a break in a circuit (ie door/window open) 

Shock Sensors 

Shock sensors sense vibration and have a varying levels of sensitivity. Upon striking a window the signal is sent back to the panel and an activation triggered. 

External Sounder


Remote Keypad 


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